Your body is up to 60% water…what’s in your water?

When you are born, your body composition is up to 78% water, and although this ratio decreases, by the time you are an adult your body is still comprised of 60% water according to the USGS!  This begs the question “what’s in your water?”

The percentages speak for themselves and replenishing these stores is not a matter to consider lightly. Yet, most people put very little thought into their water as long as it is clear of floating particles and isn’t bottled from the toilet (you never know!).

Hydration or lack there of can be influencing far more about your health than you may think possible.

Did you know weight gain can also be a sign of dehydration? Without the appropriate hydration, you may lack the ability to flush out the toxins from your fat stores through your lymphatic system, which can lead to induced inflammation and weight gain. Furthermore, lack of hydration may signal your body to enter famine mode. Similar to lack of food, your body desires to hold on to all stores of water available, which result in an undesirable presentation of water weight.

Dehydration impacts your clarity of thought too. Based on the American Journal of Physiology , this is completely logical when we realize our brain is comprised of 75% water and our blood is ~85% water!

However, drinking just any water out of the bottle or tap is not the answer, because if you do not know the source or purification of your water you can expose yourself to compounds that can further disrupt your thought process.

This is why purifying your water both at home and during your travels is a must. Based on my research and experience I have found Berkey Water Filters to fulfill my needs for not only a portable filter but also a purification system that comes in a variety of sizes depending on my present need.

The picture below shows a Berkey Sport Water Bottle, which is convenient when I travel domestically and abroad as well. Although I love running my water through the Berkey System and storing it in glass jars, traveling with glass jars is not always the most convenient, so this water bottle offers a great solution.

Berkey Water Filters offers the the ability to “remove hundreds of contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, cysts, parasites, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, VOC’s and more” from your water. There is no electrical or plumbing involved to integrate the use of Berkey water filters. Over six different media types are integrated into the Berkey’s four step purification system that you can read about here in addition to the detailed account of how contaminates can be deduced to a percentage of a trace in your water.

It is safe to say with water there is more than meets the eye!!

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