Cindy and Cassi are a mother daughter duo in business, nutrition, and learning! An intuition for unique strengths, creativity, and relationships, can be attributed to a shared lifelong passion for horses.

Where it all began…

It all started in the boondocks of Iowa, where a little girl tended to her garden behind the farm house amid the rolling hills! From the beginning, Cindy has been a self starter with the curiosity to keep her awake into the night discovering everything she can about nutrition or any topic in question.

Cindy is a certified gaps practitioner and her experience in nursing, exercise physiology, business, and investing speaks volumes to her passion for trying new things, and taking action immediately!

Growing up, few entries in Cassi’s little pink diary missed her honest assessment of the food she experienced, her new discoveries, or places she traveled! Her background in biochemistry, compliments her love for business, investing, cooking, yoga, and travel and offers a well rounded, analytical perspective as a Gut2BFree liaison!

Gut2BFree comes from the heart of combining passion and experience from helping many people over the years.

Cindy and Cassi discovered you actually learn the most from the adventure of answering other people’s questions, which naturally led to the desire to offer a place to connect, share knowledge, and take action – Gut2BFree!

Each day, the resounding consensus is you Gut2BFree to engage the life you design and experience the vitality you are born to enjoy!