3 steps to supercharge your day!

What is your special morning routine?


Supercharge your day by starting with a routine that makes you feel in the driver’s seat of your healthy day.


Here are 3 steps to transform your smile and your day:


Step 1: Oil pull with coconut oil, which is an Ayurvedic Tradition

Step 2: Brush with baking soda tooth paste (without fluoride)

Step 3: Swoosh hydrogen peroxide rinse followed by a glass of warm purified water with half of daily dose of probiotic


I am sure you are thinking “just try to sell me on swishing oil in my mouth. It just sounds weird!”


You may not realize it (or want to think about it), but oral disease due to the bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth has been correlated with to many systemic diseases. During the night, your body cleanses and thus when you wake up in the morning, it is the ultimate time to do an oil pull to pull the toxins out of your body.


Trust me, it is easy and you will miss it, once you are hooked!


Step 1 Goal: Eliminate plaque, fungus, bacteria and flush it out of your body prior to having water


How to Oil Pull: 

– 1 Tbs of coconut oil in your mouth and with for 20-35 minutes


Make sure to pull the oil through your teeth almost as if you were flossing. Oil pulling will also stimulate saliva release, which will further the toxin flushing in process.


You can either take the 20 minutes to relax or incorporate the oil pulling, while doing another morning activity.


Step 2 Goal: Natural teeth whitening and brushing away the remaining remnants of bacteria


What to brush with

– Baking soda directly from the box onto your toothbrush


– Baking soda toothpaste without the fluoride


I will provide an entire post discussing why you should choose toothpaste without fluoride. What I will tell you right now, is baking soda has the capacity to whiten your teeth and remove coffee stains at a very low cost, so it is like getting a teeth whitening session once or twice every single day!


The baking soda is very basic and therefore it raises the pH of your saliva and around your teeth, which creates a less favorable environment for plaque forming bacteria that cause halitosis (bad breath!).


Your diet contributes greatly to the color of your teeth and the health of your tongue, but baking soda is an exceptional product for maintaining the pearly white smile! You can also observe the texture and appearance of your tongues, as well as refer to the diagram below showing what region of your tongue correlates to the condition of your organs.



Step 3 Goal: Cleanse gums with the antibacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide and reintroduce good bacteria.


How to use H202 mouth rinse and probiotics


– After your oil and brushing pull, you can rinse your mouth with food grade hydrogen peroxide.

– Complete with a cup of luke warm water and a half daily serving of your probiotics


The purpose of consuming the warm water with probiotics on an empty stomach is to reintroduce good bacteria to your body.

This routine is easy to implement daily even while traveling, and you will feel refreshed and be amazed at how healthy your teeth will look too.








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